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KEEPING MOTIVATED, 5 tips for Your first week of training

Take a second to congratulate yourself, you are on a journey of change and know that success does not happen overnight.

Incremental change is a gradual process which over time will produce results, you need to be patient and take it one day at a time. This blog section covers the mentality of exercise and fitness which can be the hardest rep you lift.

Let take a look at some of life's challenges and ways we can move through these to keep ourselves on track.

Week 1 of training

So you have decided to make a life change, good for you! you are pumped and motivated to exercise for you own personal reasons, some of these could be weight loss, muscle growth or just to be able to run a little further in the upcoming fun run with your kids. Walking into the world of fitness starts with a few challenges but they are perfectly normal with starting out at the gym.

Tip 1 - Pace yourself: Get familiar with the gym layout and equipment. Your first week is really to learn about the different machines and equipment, how do they work?, what do they target?. If you are unfamiliar with any don't let this affect your confidence. We have all been there and you will be suprised how other gym members will happily show you the ropes. If you would rather, our personal trainers and staff are here to assist. At Revitalize Gym we also offer a self service virtual guide so you can always look up a workout and learn from there.

Tip 2 - Pain and gains - After your fist few sessions you may be slightly uncomfortable with muscle soreness, tightness and even for our members looking to gain mass a slight loss in muscle size. All of this is perfectly normal. Your body has possibly not experienced any form of recent intensity so it will need to adapt. Muscle tissues will breakdown and then grow after, it is all part of the journey. To help you on faster recoveries please read over our Post-workout blog which covers a range of super foods which will assist you.

Tip 3 - Finding Time - We all live very hectic lifestyles, as a father of two I know how challenging it can be to balance children, full-time work along with finding time for family. Balance is important and remember that your well being is important, to give the most to your life you need to feel fulfilled. Your gym journey is a part of this and here are some ways to keep on track

  • Waking up early - it is hard for most of us but getting up an extra hour early puts you first, you can smash out a great set, head back home and start your day without any impact to your schedule

  • Make a pact - If you have a friend also going to the gym set a time to catch-up for a session, commitment is a powerful way to keep motivated whilst prioritising time in your schedule

  • Prioritise - We always believe we don't have enough time but I bet if you look closely you might find things you can go without i.e. your favourite show that could be recorded or possibly sneaking in a set at lunch close to work. Look through your day and try to find pockets of time at you can utilise, you only need 30 minutes a day

Tip 4 - Insecurity - Starting at the gym is an open journey, you can feel a little intimidated at other gym members but remember we all started a journey just like you and you will find that most people will highly respect you and be open to giving you help if you wish. I felt this way in my first few weeks but when you have a member congratulate you on a personal best or see results against your plan. Remember as time goes by there will be another member joining who is new and may feel the same. You might just be that person for them.

Tip 5 - Sweating - Endurance training will cause you to sweat and perspiration which can make you embarrassed or feel uncomfortable. I had this problem so I would take a can of Lynx, some spare clothes and even a towel. You will actually find everyone does so you don't need to feel awkward. Remember the gym has showers available so when you finish you can feel Revitalized and ready for the rest of the day.

I hope these tips help you on your journey; the team here are always here to help and support you.

Please visit our website on more information on how to join.

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