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How to Choose the right gym

So you have started the first step and are now looking around to find a gym. There are alot of options out there with a hugh list of things to consider before joining. We have a wealth of experience to share on the topic so here are 10 things to consider before joining your new gym.



Think about where is going to be the most accessible for you and when you wish to train. Traffic can play a part in getting to the gym on time so find a gym in a location easily accessible. Possibly close to work or close to home. As a member I chose Revitalize gym because it is only ten minutes away from hom and easy to access even in peak times and traffic.

ParkingIs another thing to consider, you do not want to drive to the gym only to them try and find a park. Look for a gym with plenty of parking. Another pro tip is to check out your desired gym on Google to check over their peak times, this helps if you really love the gym that may not have plenty or parks. Revitalize gym have over 30 parking spots on site, and they are rarely full.

24/7 Access A night owl? Raising a family or working long hours can put a gym routine to the test. Joining a gym with 24/7 Access can really make life easier by training when you want without trying to sync your schedule with the gym. Revitalize gym offers 24/7 access within its membership options, feel free to take a look here.

Gym Size/Equipment

From my experience this is the most overlooked aspect of joining a gym, at the start of my journey I was very focused on price and trying to just get the cheapest gym available without sacrificing too much on location and access. I found that I really got what I paid for when it came to both the size of the gym and level of members. Everyone is looking for the cheapest deal and I can assure you if you go to a gym that is like $6.99 a week everyone will be there.

This will impact your ability to access machines and be able to comfortably work through your gym routine. You will also find if the gym is small you will wait around longer or even give up part of your gym session. Find a gym with a a great deal of size, you won't regret it. Revitalize gym has an extensive array of gym options and multiple machines allowing members to freely work through their routines undisturbed. Feel free to walk through a site tour here.


With any gym people are going to sweat so Revitalize gym ensures that equipment is available for members to wipe down machines to keep equipment clean. In addition onsite staff regularly clean equipment. They also have showers available in their changing rooms to allow members to clean up after each sessions.

Personal training

As your progress it is good to ensure your gym offers personal training as an option. Personal training can help you keep motivated and ensure that as a new member you are trained in how to follow your gym routine, meal planning and how to use the equipment. Revitalize gym offers personal training within our membership plans; feel free to see what's on offer here.


Cost can be a hugh deciding factor when joining a gym but from my experience you really need to treat considering cost like anything else you buy. You pay for what you get and in most instances the cheaper the gym the fewer options you have. This can be reflected in the size of the gym, quality of equipment, level of staff support, cleanliness and access. I joined an unnamed gym in East Auckland and paid $12.99 per week under no contract which I thought was a great deal at first. I soon discovered that the gym was always packed and full of members. The gym had good equipment but only like 16 machines, basically 1-2 machines for each muscle group. Most gym members follow a pretty straight forward routine i.e. Chest on Mondays. I ended up having to change my weekly routine and time of day I trained just to get in a good set. I joined Revitalize gym because I wanted to train when I wanted to and not ever have to want for equipment. I got my wish for a few extra dollar a week which was high value for me. Also parking was a headache and I wanted to ensure my growth was not limited to the equipment only going so heavy. Revitalize gym has over 30 parks along with a massive weight room for heavy lifting if that's your thing.


Who knows what the future holds, you might move house decide on another gym or just think it may not be for you. This is a real reality for anyone joining a gym and can be a deciding factor when choosing where to Join. Revitalize gym do not have contracts for new members joining, they simply do not believe in them. They want members to stay because they are getting value out of being there, not because they are bound to stay. I would have signed anyway but it was cool to know I did not need to. Have a look at their plans here.


A gym can be a break away from home but also it may be a place to access group motivation, learn a new skill or make some friends. Revitalize gym hold over several class options ranging from Boxfit, Yoga, AB Blast, Zuu, Bootcamp, UJam and Body Toning. Our class information can be viewed here.

Women's only area

Revitalize gym offer a personal space for women to train, this area is only accessible and visible to women located on the second floor of the gym. The entire gym is accessible for women as well. We pride ourselves on this being an option for our members.


Equipment is a very important factor when deciding the right gym for you and your fitness goals. From weight training to cardio there is a hugh range of equipment options available at Revitalize. From free weights, weight machines, treadmills and fitness trainers they basically have it all. I personally love the fact that they have four racks available for squat training. Feel free to have a look at all of their equipment here through an online gym tour.

I hope these points above have helped you on your journey, good luck with your fitness goals and I hope this has helped you in achieving the results you are after.

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